Tour of Texas

Here is a (very) tentative schedule of where I'll be in the next month: Aug 5&6  Camping with Russ!

Aug 7-10   Miami/Pampa for the usual mess of food and family

Aug 10-14  Lubbock to spend some quality time with Russ and Lubbock friends (All day Pool anyone??)

Aug 14 Canyon for TEXAS (seems like a good thing to see your last month in the State)

Aug 18&19 Miami/Pampa again for some playtime

Aug 20-24 Booker/Libscomb will probably consist of some mowing and dancing!

Aug 24-28 Fort Worth trip to the Zoo and some good laziness before I fly out!

Like I said this isn't set in stone so I could be fairly easily persuaded to change course. Call me when I'm in town--I would love to see you!