Train or Not to Train?

That is the question. As usual I had a plan and my plan went up on smoke.

My plan for potty training? Somewhere just before too late I was going I go buy a bunch of cotton panties, put her on the potty every twenty minutes and have a do or die potty training week. All of this preferably after Ava was weaned.

What actually is happening?

A few weeks ago Lily spent the week with her cousins. Evidently she admired her older cousin E so much that she decided that sitting on the potty was a cool thing to do, an since I didn't want to discourage it I went ahead and let ER do it when she asked.

It has been difficult though because I was just having to hold her up on the big potty. So on a whim I bought her a potty seat that sits on the big potty.

Ummmmm, obsessed?

Now she will just randomly want to sit on the potty throughout the day. Which I really think is awesome with the small exception that it puts us in potty training limbo. We are still in diapers and there is zero regularity about when she decides to go on the potty or in her diaper.

My concern is that this is going to become the norm for her and make it that much more difficult to get her to actually train when the time comes.

My other concern is that the time has come and I'm just underestimating her. She can identify and communicate consistently when she needs to poo poo, but not so much with the tee tee.

Options: 1. Shut it down until we are ready to go full stop. (And risk potty backlash when it's time)

2. Continue going back and forth so she gets comfortable with it. (And risk her thinking it is normal and not being able to be consistent)

3. Go ahead and make this week potty training camp week and just Get it done. (And risk pushing her into something she isn't able to do yet an all the consequences therein.

Okay Internet peeps....

Help me!