Trouble in Paradise

Wait. What? Huh? Are you serious?!?!?! This is supposed to be my dream come true. This is what I've always wanted. So what's happening?

In case you haven't noticed I haven't been aound much. Some of it is because I have been at the beach, but for the most part it is because I have been working for 12 to 16 hours a day. I have shared a room with three children and I have hardly slept.

Now if you thought that's where my complaint was you were wrong. I have been almost completely denied internet and phone access or any time to myself. I have had to sneak away to make the few calls I have.

Things have gone horrible south around here. I was informed today that my daily duties in rome would be washing the floors (no mop, just a rag) of a two story house almost completely tile, I am to clean the bathrooms everyday, and serve the family meals as well as the regular household chores...

Cinderella what????

This is not what I bargined for so I discussed it with the family.

This is the part where it gets bad: They blew up!!! They have kicked me out and told me that I have one week and now they refuse to speak to me.

So I am back in Rome on my own and trying to make some really hard decisions. I am putting this in the Lord's hands. He brought me here for a reason and now I will find out what I need to do. I have lots of options.

Now I'm homeless and jobless again, but this time its in Rome! Here's to more of my bantering and touring!


Pray for me!