Truck Man

100_2571Isn't it beautiful?!?! You might be wondering why there is a shiny new truck sitting in our driveway. Well that would be because Russ got a job!!! Praise the Lord!

The best I can tell from his elaborate descriptions of what he will be doing, he will be farming and talking to people. Both are things in which he excels (Specially that talking part. I went to the restroom in Hastings yesterday and by the time I got out he had practically made a new best friend)!

Of course, this officially makes me and SUV person. Which will take some getting used to, because normally (my previous and only two cars) have been four door, white, extremely gas friendly cars. Guess I'll have to remember to fill up before the red light comes on now!

Okay I'm off to practice parking and pulling out of the garage! (No, seriously this is my first time in my life to get a garage spot!)