Trying it on for size...

Hello dear friends and family! This is just a test because I am not computer savvy to say the least. I know it will be awhile before I head out, but I wanted to make sure I had a way to keep in touch with everyone (and anyone that has tried to call me knows that I am notoriously bad at keeping in touch)!

For those of you who don't know the whole story-- I have decided to move to Rome, Italy for a year as an Au Pair. I will have three Italian children in my care on a day to day basis. A nine year old girl, a five year old boy, and a four month old baby (of unknown gender as of yet).

Why, you may ask, would I up and leave my great job, fabulous friends, and wonderful family right when everything is going right?

Because I can.  

But mostly because I know that there might not be another chance or another point in my life when I am unattached, financially able, and generally able to take an entire year to fulfill a crazy dream.

While I can't promise anything exciting or adventurous I can assure you that you will at least see some beautiful pictures and hear about some mouthwatering food. However, considering the huge language barrier, immense cultural differences, and three rambunctious children I would venture to guess that every once in while there might be some interesting reading.