Two Months

Dear Lily, My sweet baby girl, I can't believe it's been two whole months since you were born! I also can't believe how fast you have grown and how quickly you are learning. You are our little chunky monkey right now!!!

We have definitely been living a true adventure since you were born; the learning curve has been steep. From that first night in the hospital when it took us a good hour to figure out the reason you were crying was because your diaper was dirty to just yesterday when I discovered that tickling your chin makes you smile.

Getting to know you has been such a joy so far and I've learned so much about you. You love bathtime, but you hate getting dried off. You love having your hair brushed, but much to your daddy's joy, your not a big fan of hair bows. You also love Christmas music and staring at the tree lights. You can smile and laugh so sweet, but you spend most of your time with big wide eyes just soaking it all in, and you always look a little surprised by life!

Lily someday you will wonder why your sweet little baby doesn't want to go to sleep and I will direct you to this letter because you are a wonderful baby, not fussy at all, but by no means will you go to sleep with out putting up a good long fight! You hold your eyes open as long as you can and wiggle your arms and legs like crazy, but you love when your daddy rocks you to sleep and that is always when you sleep best.

We also want you to know that we pray for you constantly. About anything and everything we can imagine. Mostly though we pray that you will love Jesus with all your heart.

I hear some squeaking from your crib that must mean your ready to get up and eat and play!

I love you Lilybug!


Your Mommy