Two Months: Jane

Dear sweet little Jane, Today you are two months old and sooooooo big! We go visit the doctor tomorrow and I can't wait to find out officially how big you are because you have done a very good job growing this month.

Sweet girl this month marked one of my favorite milestones in which you started making sounds other than crying. You love to coo and are already trying to work yourself up into a giggle, of course, right now it sounds like you are panting! You do utterly charming things like smile, hold eye contact, and grab on to any little finger near you.

But let's be honest hear sweet dear, you may have all your little fingers wrapped around ours, but we are the ones wrapped around yours. You live in a house where you are not only deeply admired and loved, but utterly doted on, but I can already see your too sweet to get rotten.

Everyday Lily prays for you now. Mommy and Daddy pray for you too. We want you to know that we love you with all of our hearts but even more than our love, Jesus is just wild about you little sister!

Love always, Mommy