Waiting with Grace

It is no big secret that I'm an action person. I like for things to be happening. Right now, there is mucho waiting. Ya know. Just waiting.

I'm going to be very honest with you and tell you it isn't going well. You know that saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"?


And truthfully there are some good reasons to not be handling things well. I'm in a hormonal flux, my back doesn't work half the day, and the physics of trying to figure out how to puke in the toilet with a nine month belly would leave anyone justifiably temperamental.

My people have good reasons to be grumpy too. In a horrible twist of fate it turns out that all this blessed rain we are currently getting is making my husband's job very difficult, his hours long, and his miles traveled each day astronomical. Lily also knows something is happening, and she, like her mother, turns out not to be a good waiter. She is rightfully frustrated by my immobility and distraction. Ava is mostly okay, but lets face it, she's picking up the attitude from the rest of us.

Last night it all just came to a head. Russ came home to me sitting in the recliner crying, Lily in time out, and Ava tearing up books. Not ideal. So we declared an easy dinner and an early bedtime.

My husband. My precious amazing husband.

He sat down with me, let me cry, prayed with me, and then got out a Bible and a notebook. Lets all take a moment to swoon over a man that takes action.

We hashed it out. How to handle the emotions. What the Bible tells us about our feeling, about discipline, about grace, about anger. We wrote it down. We sat in our calm state of mind and transferred it all to the practical.

He helped me come up with an action plan for both specific and general areas that I could implement instead of flipping my lid and bawling. We talked through being Christ-like to our babies even when our anger was both justifiable and excusable.

It was beautiful.

We are exactly five waking hours into the new plan for waiting with grace. So far, so good.

In fact, things were different before the girls even made it out of bed this morning. It was almost as if God was just waiting for us to seek Him and the counsel from His word.

Gee, go figure.

So right now we are practicing for a peaceful wait. Practicing discipling ourselves before we exert discipline anywhere else. Practicing love when you want to be angry.

And it is good. So good.

But just for the record I'm also practicing prayers. Specifically that J would get his/her cute tiny hiney into this world!