Wallpaper, Weddings, and Weekends

So if you have been wondering what I have been up to lately it seems like about 80% of the time the answer to that question is scraping wallpaper. Well maybe not really 80% but it feels that way. Because this kitchen has a LOT of plaid wallpaper. The good news is the ripping of wallpaper seems to THRILL Lily to no end. She just laughs and laughs as I stumble around trying to get the roosters off the wall. I would think it was funny too...if I wasn't the one doing it!

Also, my sweet friend Kate got married this weekend and I had plans to show you adorable pics of the Bug with the Bride. Just so happens I took a total of Zero pictures. Awesome. But I'll just use a 1000 words to tell you how wonderful they both were...JK! It really only takes one, CHARMING! The wedding was beautiful and we has so much fun that even Russ got up and danced with me a few times!

And then came Monday morning. It seems like lately every Monday morning I look around and wonder why my house seems to have puked up the weekend and then I spend all day trying to get things back in place. BLAH. It would appear we are in need of a new weekend cleaning management system.

Any ideas?