Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Really?!!? It's still January?!?!? Cause my baby girl is due in February and so I would really like for it to be that month.

Mostly because I'm so anxious to meet her sweet face I could bust (possibly literally). But also because I'm big, tired, cranky, and feeling very much nine months pregnant.

And then there is the laundry issue.

Because I refuse to buy maternity clothes (a complete and total racket) (I mean they charge A LOT of money for clothes that you might wear for four months, maybe more if your pregnant in the same season twice) (Grrrrr towards maternity clothes)...sorry where was I? Oh yes, my refusal to buy maternity clothes is resulting in a shortage. As in all my shirts are too short and show my fuzzy belly (yes my belly grows fuzz when I'm pregnant).

So here I am wearing the same three shirts over and over again, or worse borrowing my Hubs oversized shirts to throw on with PJ pants resulting in days in which I can't leave the house. It is bad y'all.

Mostly though I'm just ready to meet my sweet girl. So the countdown is on. Less than four weeks to go; can't wait to meet you Miss Ava!!!