We Did A Craft

I should probably just leave this post at the title. But that would show far more restraint than I have ever managed in my life so here we go... I have sweet friends who wanted to be mothers their whole life and it shows. Thy always seem to have fun activities planned, they always have appropriate discipline in mind, and they always seems to have some cute seasonal craft cooked up. Basically they are good moms because they planned on being good moms.

Me? Not so much. The first thought I ever really had of being a mom was less than a month before I found out I was pregnant with the Bug. I have been trying to play catch up ever since because once she was born it took me all of three seconds to realize I love this gig and I want to do a good job.

However, the basic structure of our days looks like this: read some books, free play, read a few more books, outside time, read a book, more outside time. Ahem. So "activities" aren't really my strong point and little seasonal crafts? Definitely not my game.

(Don't get me wrong I love crafts but I'm more of a go big or go home crafter. Ya know, like refinishing furniture)

But at breakfast this morning we were discussing snow and since its all of seventy degrees outside we got the Bug all excited for nothing. I felt like I needed to alleviate her distress by a nice winter craft.

So I did it. I marched us down to the store and got some construction paper and some glue and in my natural state of hands off motherhood I drew some circles and let her go.


I present to you, Lily's snowman:


So can I have some chocolate and a nap now?