Weekend Reading

On my mind: Discipline in Interest Led Learning from FIMBY  A post from last year, but I saved it and have been digging it up to get ready for what will be our first official year of homeschooling.

When Her Good News Makes You Feel Bad In the words of Jen Haymaker "Let's Bake a  Bigger Pie!

Being Liked is Overrated by Jennie Allen at Relevant That'll preach.

On my nightstand:

Unknown-2 Unknown-1 Unknown

1. Exposition of First John- All of Arthur Pink's commentaries are free for Kindle just a little FYI for your Bible Study time.

2. Taking Flight- barely have broken into this, but I'm excited about it because well adoption, ballet, Michaela DePrince? What's not to love.

3. The Third Target- Russ surprised me with this on Thursday, which is why I have done nothing and talked to no one in the last few days.

On Repeat:



An oldie but a goodie that I found in my email inbox this week. So fabulous.