Weekend Reading

On My Mind: This post about The Enneagram at SheLoves Magazine- I love personality stuff because I think they can be super helpful tools to connect and understand. I don't know much about Enneagram, but I'm going to Created for Care in March and they have a breakout session on this. So excited. 

My Accidental Capsule Wardrobe at Modern Mrs. Darcy- This has sort of happened to me, but I don't even think I have thirty-somthing pieces. Maybe twenty-five? And I love it!

Have you bought new underwear this year at Life Your Way- Not probably what you think it is. Worth the read. 

Coca-Cola Invents 16 Bottle Caps toGive Second Lives to Empty Bottles- That piece of paper that says I have a marketing degree appreciates everything about this. A master class by the master in marketing. 

On My Nightstand:

Unknown Unknown-2

1. Undaunted: Christine Caine has an amazing story and does powerful work for the Kingdom of God. I saw her speak last year and I can't wait to dig into this. 

2. Someday, Someday Maybe: Cute, easy read. Mostly, I'm just a huge Lauren Graham fan!

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We had one of those weeks that brings you to your knees around here, so we have been using that time down there to count our blessings. 


City Ballet- can watch the whole series on YouTube. You know, if sitting around and watching ballet documentaries.