We're Off! (At least our dossier is!)

So by this time tomorrow our dossier will have reached our agency in Austin where they will check it over, send it to some state office to get all the notarizations confirmed, and then ship it of to Uganda. (in case you were wondering what a dossier is, in this situation it is a packet of papers that represents our whole life)

Our agency now estimates (and a very loose estimate) that it will be eight to ten months before we are matched with a child from this point.

(I say loose because these things have been known to go as fast as six months or up to several years)

Which seems like a long time. Until I realized that even the heavy end of that estimate puts us at next July. With the bug turning one and finding out what the baby is in October, Holidays in November and December, Baby in February, competition season from March-May, and nationals in June I will hardly have time to ready myself!

*Deep Breath*

Okay. Maybe I'm getting a little carried away. Life just seems to be coming so fast these days!

I am not ashamed to beg for your prayers for us and our child-to-be on this part of the journey. We pray that God would be merciful to him whatever circumstances are making him adoptable, and also that god would place us on his heart so that he would know us as his parents!