We've Been Out of Town:Photo Dump

So I went to a writer's conference last weekend and Russ went camping this past weekend. Which means a Whole Lotta Crazy around here. 

Dad's out there take note: When I have been gone for two days Russ starts to send me adorable pictures of our children. It's my call to come home!

 *I thought I had the wonky picture problem solved. Obviously I do not. I'll keep trying.*




This is what happens when you tell a Super Arrow to cheese. You get a cheese face. IMG_6358 IMG_6357-2 IMG_6356 IMG_6355


I have approximately 500 pictures of the littles reading together like this. It turns me into an ooey-gooey mess of a mommy!

IMG_6354 IMG_6353And then for our grand finale, I let my brother take care of my boys while the girls and I went to my future sister-in-law's wedding shower and this is the picture I got back:


Yes that is my son. In flip-flops and shorts riding a horse bare-backed. Why do you ask?