When All Tides Rise...

I pitched a book proposal this last weekend. IMG_6319


(One sentence in and this post is already making me break out with a strange rash.)

I went in knowing that I didn't have enough subscribers, shares, or speaking engagements. Not nearly enough.

"25,000 followers is around ground floor."

That's what she said. Ummm, yeah, I don't have the platform, but I do have Hope. And hope does not lead us astray. So I walked in with a proposal and hope.

"This is a good proposal, but you're a long shot."

That's what she said. She didn't have to, I know I'm a long shot. And if your response to my failure is any indication, I'm in good company.

In fact, if looking at Bible heros is any indication (and it is) we are ALL in good company.

"All tides rise when we see a sister making the world a better place with her gifts."

Lysa TerKeurst says that. I believe it's true. But believing it's true in general is different than walking in that truth as an individual.  Can I get an Amen?


(Here come the hives...)

I need your help. 

This weekend I learned about 5, 824 ways to build your platform. Some of them were good, and I'm going to do them. Some of them felt tricky.

I don't want to trick you, I want to talk to you.

I'm not asking to be your commander that leads your march, I'm asking to be a sister that holds your hand and walks the road with you.

I  don't want to stand at a podium and lecture you. I want to sit beside you at the feet of our Teacher.

This rising tide is a wave, and I want to ride it with you.

But I need your help.

Here is what I need your help with:

1. Subscribe

You get an email with my blog post. That's it. I do  hereby declare an oath that I won't clutter up your inbox. I post twice a week, occasionally more. I will be building partnerships as I work on some giveaways (See below) so if there are some sweet surprises to pass along, I'll do it there too. Maybe, at some point in the distant future there will be a monthly newsletter. That's a long way off though. 

Also? If you have a friend and you know this space would be just right for her, would you invite her here to sign up? We talk a lot about Jesus, adoption, family, and motherhood.  I know, that's crazy bold, but hang with me, I want to make a space here for all of you. (See below)

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