When Are We Coming Home?!?!?

Great question, I'm glad you asked. 

(Okay no one really asked) (I'm just feeling a little forgotten right now so I want you to know I AM coming back) (eventually) (hopefully)


The answer is: I don't know. 

We are currently waiting for IOM (medical check) to be sent to the Embassy. This can take anywhere from five to seven business days.

After that we will go to a document check at the embassy and after that a visa interview. 

Unfortunately, this process could play out so many different ways that it makes my head spin. 

If IOM send our Medical over by Thursday we could have doc check on Monday. If they don't send it over until next week we could have a doc check on Wednesday. (It shouldn't be any later than that)

Typically, people get an interview the same day as doc check which means Monday or Wednesday, but if not it will be the following Wednesday or Monday. (They only do checks and interviews on Monday and Wednesday.)

So if our interview goes well we could get our Visas for the boys by next Wednesday or Friday. If the timing falls bad It could be the following Wednesday. 

IF we have to be investigated than it will be at least another week so the Wednesday following that one. Basically the end of September.


No. No it does not. 

Bottom line: Pray that our medical forms will be sent over on this Thursday and that everything goes smooth at embassy. 

Thanks village.