When it Doesn't Make Sense

Around here the last week and half has been hard. Lily went on a sleep strike. Major sleep strike. We got back from Oregon and she was just having none of it, and I'm not talking like a newborn I'm talking like every single hour of the night. And naps. It has been awful. After running the gamut of sleep strategies we were coming up empty and oh so exhausted. I was on my weary knees begging for rest and I felt The Lord press that word in my chest. Rest. REST.

It's how we have always believed about sleep around here but somewhere in our sleepy frustration we just plain forgot what works. More rest breeds more rest. Sure enough yesterday I made her have morning rest time (that turned into Naptime), I made her have a long afternoon Naptime that turned into a long nap, and last of all my well rested Bug rested well last night. My tired brain is actually here functioning in the wee hours before the day because God reminded me that he often defies logic.

Isn't it true? Isn't the bible CHALK FULL of backwards logic that never fails us. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. To be a leader be a servant. To lead men to Jesus follow him. Give to Him and we will have more. Take the time to rest and your time will be blessed. Lose your life to gain it.

At the very least it is counter culture in our push harder, work longer, climb ladders society, but mostly it is flat out logic defying. I believe one of the most difficult truths to grasp is salvation itself.


We have to do nothing.

We can do nothing.

We just accept. We believe.

Sometimes in my weary and exhausted haze, on my knees from all the trying and striving to make it all right I have to be reminded. Reminded to rest. Rest in the truth of the gospel. When the world around me is pushing me to try harder, work more, take it upon myself. The gospel whispers to give it up, surrender all, and to rest.

Just because I've always believed it doesn't mean I always remember that at the break of my wits, on my last nerve, when I'm at the end of myself...I find Him.

"Come to me you who are weak and heavy burdened. My yoke is easy and my burden is light"