When You're A Bad Bet

IMG_7771 I've been a pretty bad bet my whole life.

"It's a toss up. You know that right?"

That's what my mom told him when he called and said he was going to ask me to marry him. And she was right.

I had already declared six months earlier to this man that I wasn't sure I ever wanted to get married. We hadn't discussed it. We hadn't shopped for rings. Heck! We hadn't even seen each other in a month. He asked anyway. 

It was a toss up, and he put his money on me. 

"I want to have a baby."

I'm sure he thought I was crazy. Most of my life I had thought I didn't want kids, I hadn't played with baby dolls or babysat, I was in no way prepared for children. In just what must have seemed like one moment to him I changed my mind. 

It was out of left field and he bet on me anyway. 

"I think we should adopt."

Just three months into parenthood I dropped that bomb. Untested, untried, and unsure. He knew the horror stories. We were made perfectly aware of the risks. But he hit his knees and prayed, and then he signed the papers. 

It was a huge risk and he walked with me anyway. 

"I want to write."

I didn't have a degree or a background with words. I didn't go to seminary or Bible college. Nothing in my past appeared to qualify me for the future to which I felt called. 

But he didn't even hesitate when it came time to invest in the ministry God gave me. 

It's been a gamble of an investment, but he stood by me. 

And the truth of the matter is, it makes sense. Men are more willing to take a risk. 


I'm a women's ministry kind of girl. I do, in fact, adore being a girl. But I found myself disappointingly unsurprised when I sat in a workshop this weekend that said most women in ministry leadership have reported that they get most of their information from Google and conferences. 

Listen, I'm a big fan of both of those things, but they are in no way a substitute for the real life intimacy for discipleship and mentors in women's leadership. 

But it didn't surprise me. Because the risk inherent to developing those kinds of relationships, the gamble of investing in those kinds of people? It's terrifying. 

I know this road. I've walked this road. Desiring to do God's work and feeling like there was no trail blazed. No one interested in leading me into leadership. It has only been in the past few years that my people have showed up to show me the way. 

Sisters no one loves you more than I do, this area of ministry is absolutely my favorite, but we have to get over our fear. The fear of losing control. The fear of losing out here on this earth. 

Brothers as the head of our churches and our homes you have to recognize when to be the undergirding for a risk worth taking. Come along with your sisters and help them shoulder the rest. 


But the question remains, when is a risk worth taking?

I've been a pretty bad bet my whole life. I have been entitled, lazy, and confused. And I get it. On my very best day I wouldn't pick me either. I can't imagine how God could possibly call a mess like me to do his work.

But maybe....just maybe....that is God's point in all of this.   Let me make a huge recommendation:

You don't have to risk it all on a person, when you have the opportunity to risk it all for Jesus. 

When you heap burning coals on the spark of passion someone has for Jesus, He brings the Holy Spirit wind that fans it into a flame. You aren't betting on them, you are betting on Christ-in-Them.

The Bible is full of God taking a huge gamble on the bad bet. Ask Moses. Here is the great thing: God has already invested in his believers the full riches of His glory. It is already there in any believer you meet. 

If someone needs you to go deep, go there. If someone needs you to call them up to something higher, call them. If someone needs a chance to move forward, help them clear the road. 


But this is key...Go First. 

Right now.

Even if you don't feel like a leader or a mentor.

Even if you are still waiting for someone to take the big bet on you. 

Even if God has called you to something you are still waiting on. 

Go First. 

Kneel down. Get low. And serve someone. Take a huge risk to help someone and trust God for the details. Be willing to risk your time, resources, and emotions. Cheer them on!

I promise  you will find that betting big on Christ-in-You for your sisters, will move you forward to a fuller sense of Christ in you.

The Hope of Glory. 

And that my friends, is where we are really aiming. The Hope of Glory. 


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