I'm tired. I forgot what it felt like to work all day. I mean do I really have to be dressed before eight?!?!? And what's with the short lunches...I enjoyed my two hour siesta's!

I'm really just kidding! In all honestly I love working again! I'm working at a bank as a part time Teller/Personal banker.

By working I mean training. I am currently attending Bank Boot Camp. They have a fake bank set up in the basement in which you spend two weeks conducting and drilling every possible transaction you could possibly run across. And since I am training for two jobs, I might see the light of day again sometime in mid-February!

Now I know you might be worried about me down in bank boot camp, but its okay...they keep us fed and rested. Actually they never seem to stop feeding us! Also if your worried about my exhaustion, it's okay to be concerned, but keep in mind that I now get all the perks of bank holidays!!!

I've definately been blessed!

Have a great weekend! Back to work on Monday Tuesday!