WOW! Time has flown since I got to Rome. Nothing has gone as planned but it has all been fabulous. i will very quickly update you on what I have done so far.

Take a deep breath:

Survived two more car rides--Drank six cups of the strongest espresso you have ever laid lips on--Eaten exactly these vegetables; broccoli, tomatoes, and zucchini--Had a siesta--Seen the Circo Massimo, Roman Baths, Coliseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Piazzo Nuvano, Camp di Fiori. Walked approximately 50 kilometers. Lost approximately 7 kilos. Lived in a crash course of Mussolini's decorating style. Given up air conditioning. Turned down no less than 5 marriage proposals. Learned to say 'I'm hungary' in Italian (ho fame). Been on Italian MTV (Roommate is friends with the film crew that was at The Human Race--evidently a big deal!).

Still to come:

Leaving for the beach at 7 tonight on my first bus ride of the trip. We'll see if that goes to plan. Around here that is doubtful! ( I prayed to the Lord for patience and I believe that Italy is His answer!)


Also I discovered that my computer charger won't work with the converter I brought so I need to find an Italian charger for my Dell computer any ideas?!?!?


I still have so much to tell and so many thoughts, but they will have to wait until things get more settled.

Please leave me some love! Keep me in your prayers as I am praying for all of you!


Okay Exhale...