Why Kids Are Worth It

Listen, I am in the middle of a Whole30 because two months ago I weaned my last baby. So for almost five years I have been constantly pregnant or nursing which means I started this shindig when I was 24 and now I almost thirty. In an unsurprising turn of events those two ages don't feel the same.  Point being, even though all five of my kids are sleeping like, eleven hours a night (Praise God from whom all blessings flow), I was still really tired, and my tummy hurt, and I kinda look five months pregnant all the time.

Because having kids? It is hard on a person. (Don't even with the, "At least I didn't have to carry two of them," I gained more adoption weight in Uganda than I gained with both of my first two pregnancies.)

But despite the fact that I am ALWAYS hungry right now and I'm so over vegetables and I just want a very large piece of dark chocolate, I am here to let you see why kids are worth it.

Scene: The dinner table before food was served last night. The kids are passing around a board book and discussing.

Alex: It must be a baby, it looks like Jane and she can walk too.

Lily: But it is riding a bike! Babies can't ride bikes.

Ava: It look like Jane.

Alex: But look at it's hair, it has baby hair!

Eli: But it can ride a bike, Alex!

Lily: I guess we would have to know if it can go potty on the potty and the book doesn't show us a picture of that.

Alex: (Nods seriously) You're right.

All Children: (Start howling like coyotes.)

And Scene. 

I can't even with all the random, if this is how they discuss the merits of a character of a board book, I can't wait to hear the book reports when they get older! So worth it!