Why Parenting is so Confusing

Scenario 1: Lily runs to the pantry (usually a source of trouble for her) swing the door open and just as I'm about to warn her, she opens the trash throws a moth in and closes the door. I don't even remember to always close the door. Scenario 2: I hear a bang in the utility room where she is only supposed to be when she helps mommy with laundry. By the time I get in there to reprimand her she has gotten out the little broom and is trying to sweep up a mess she made in the kitchen.

Scenario 3: She dives for the Kleenex box (let's not pretend we don't know the issues with that) only to snatch out exactly one Kleenex and blow her nose.

Scenario 4: He grabs Ava around the waist and starts squeezing her so that it looks like Ava's eyes are about to pop out, even though we have talked over and over about gentleness. Just as I'm about to tear her off she says, "Shesha, Shesha, Men!!!" (Jesus, Jesus, Amen!)

So Internet peeps, how exactly do I stop the thing I don't want and still encourage the things I do want since they seem to be so closely entwined?