Winter Love Letter

This is usually the time of year I get a little bitter and write a winter lament. However this year I have something different to offer... Dear Winter,

Thank you for being kind to me this year. Thank you for having moderate temperatures so that my hates-to-be-cooped-up little girl can play outside.

Thank you for giving us snow. I know I can't quite believe I'm saying it either, but after the skin warping, breath panting, all brown dry year we had last year I truly am grateful for the moisture. You have even been gracious enough to give it in medium doses and all spread out (again about that cooped up baby.)

Thank you for being cool/cold. Now I know that is the most outrageous statement of all coming from me. Me. The one who bashes you and runs you into the ground year after year for taking away my warm temps, my running shorts, and my pool time. But dear winter this year is different, because my bloated eight month pregnant body? Well it has been struggling with temperature control. I so appreciate a little help cooling down every once in awhile (okay okay every once an hour.)

It would appear the Lord has used you and my current circumstances to teach me a little appreciation. For that I say "Thank You Winter!"