Winter Wonderland

It's no big secret that I'm not a big fan of winter or actually not a fan of winter at all. It's cold. And dreary. And cold. Blah. I've really been enjoying our 65-80 degree winter this year and soaking in every extra moment. I have not, however, lulled myself into complacency. I know the weather turns on a dime around here and at any time in the next month it could dump six feet of snow on us in moments notice.

In days past I would just hole up with a vat of hot chocolate and watch movies for three days straight. That was a good strategy. I really liked that strategy.

This winter will be different though simply because since the last time we had some major snow I have a fast moving toddler and a curious crawling baby. Their little bodies cannot tolerate all that chocolate, neither can their little bodies sit and watch movies that long. Not to mention that's a little over the hour of TV I allow them each week.

So disappointing.

Oh well. Plan B.





Name that movie!

Bring it on Texas Panhandle winter. Bring it on!

(Also shortly after this picture despite the fact it is 68 degrees in our house I had to wrestle that suit off of Lily.)

(It wasn't pretty)