Yeah, About That...

Remember this post. The one in which I state that we are taking the year off. Well, yeah, about that... As George said, If you bought that I got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell ya!

I'm pretty sure as I was writing that God was chuckling a little bit (wouldn't be the first time I made him laugh) because at that time He was already whispering His plans in my ear. They were not the same as my plans.

Wanna take a guess who prevailed?

All that to say that Russ and I have decided to start the International Adoption process after much prayer and consideration. We haven't acted on anything yet, nor do we have any specifics yet. We are still praying and waiting on the Lord. Which is exactly why we have decided to tell you. Because we covet your prayers. No matter how this all plays out we know for sure that we will need your prayers.

Also I am aware that was a very lighthearted post about a very serious subject. I'll go more into that later, just know that we do understand how earth shattering and life changing this decision is in our lives.