Year in Review

I didn't mean to just completely stop writing in December but basically that's what I did. Not because it's been such a busy whirlwind of a season, but because it hasn't and I have really enjoyed just soaking in my family. In an attempt to kickstart myself back into writing I figured I would jump on the "Year in Review" train!

January: I declare that we ARE NOT going to have anything exciting happen. Then I promptly eat my words by announcing our decision to adopt.

February: I clean my house in preparation for our homestudy (yes, that was blog-worthy) and the Bug enters the world of green veggies!

Match: I tried to get serious about working out...kinda. The bug finally rolled...kinda. I dissolved into a big puddle of tears and goo when God gave us some unexpected blessings!

April: I share deep thoughts on motherhood related to hair extensions and my love for coordinating outfits.

May: the Bug meets the pool and it is love!

June: I experienced some small town excitement and also worked out some adoption frustrations (I may need to revisit that post more often)

July: I choked down my words and made the second Huge Life Changing announcement for the year!

August: My record of bodily breakdown during pregnancy continued. As did my summer blogging.

September: I graphically shared the Bug's baby story a la Lifetime television for women and we sent off our dossier!

October: It's a Girl!

November: The Bug learns to walk and I share my dark days.

December: Belly baby gets a name and Lily gets baby training!