You Give Me Fever

I'm pretty sure Ava almost did me in; itfelt like that's what was happening somewhere around week 16 when I was hooked up to an IV and completely drained of all fuel. In that moment I was done. DONE.

Because pregnancy isn't just hard on me, it's hard on Hubs, and it's hard in the Bug.

But now this:

20120419-075516.jpg (biggest smiles are always for sister)

Is what my days are full with.

And I find myself thinking,

"I love having babies, I could have another baby right now."

*record scratch*


I know! It's ridiculous! The good news is my family is in the hands of a faithful God who used Ava to teach me a very important lesson about just how much control I really have over my family planning situation.

He also gave me Hubs. Also known as "The Voice of Reason"

So for right now I'll just admit I have the fever, but wrangling these two

20120419-080131.jpg And waiting for baby boy to come home will keep my fever at bay...

Maybe ;)