Quick Winter Word Association

I'm going to show you a quick picture and run through some word association. You tell me where you end up, okay? IMG_5976













Deep Abiding Joy.


Nap time. 



The end. Your turn. 

Look! My Kids are Adorable!

So, God did a thing this weekend. I mean a THING. And I'm still trying to find the words for it.

But I'm also trying to answer a bajillion (amazing) emails and phone calls, and text messages.

So while I process and regroup, enjoy my adorable children. Because seriously, when they are not pooping and wiping it on the walls, so cute. (I spared you a picture of that.)

IMG_3546 IMG_3550 IMG_5786 IMG_5787

IMG_5667 IMG_5686 IMG_5688 IMG_5702

On Puzzles and Life

The other day, my kids did something that I didn't even think they were capable of doing...they went and got out puzzles and sat quietly at the table while they did them.  I know. Strange right?

Winter must be getting to them. Or at least they must know that winter is getting to me!

But a funny thing, while I sat there and watched them do puzzles. Each one did their puzzle exactly like they do everything else. So for a little armchair psychology, I present to you: Mottos for puzzles and life.


Ava "Make it work for you." Match? Doesn't match? Doesn't matter, just get them together. 



Alex "Perfection. Nothing less than perfection." And don't touch it because you might make it less perfect. 





Eli "Persistance pays off." Work it until it's done. Or until someone does it for you. Or until it's time to clean up."




Jane "Why do yourself what you can get someone else to do for you." Here, you do this,  imma grab a snack. 






Lily "Why do your own when you can show someone else how to do theirs." Leadership people, it's called leadership.

911 Panic

So yeah, yesterday. I had the car running and the kids suited up. Despite the twelve on the thermometer we were ready to go.

Except, of course, me. I still needed to get boots and a coat on.

They, of course, begged. Because, SNOW!!!!!

"Mooooommmmm Snooooow!!! Can we play in the snooowww! I wanna play outsiiiiiide!!!!!"

"Two minutes. Seriously. When I'm ready to go we go, yes ma'am?"

"Yes ma'am!"

They all answered a little too quickly. A little too enthusiastically.

I should have known then that it wouldn't be that easy.

I pushed on my beautiful new snow boots and glanced out the back window as I went to grab my coat. Alex was laying in the snow in his jeans. So I opened the door to give him a dire warning about wet jeans in freezing weather.

As soon as I did I heard a blood chilling scream.

I ran. Not for My soaking wet Alex. But for the slide ladder. The ladder where my eldest daughter was firmly attached. By her tongue.

Al la Christmas Story.

Yeah, we totally should have put that on our watch list this year. (I can hear my little sister saying "I told you so" already.)

Adrenaline can make people do amazing things.

I am not one of those people. 

I frantically ran next door (because of course I had left my phone at the church that morning.) Burst into my neighbors house pleading for a phone. I promptly called 911 and started screaming about tongues and frostbite and never being able to eat again all while running back toward my back yard.

All the while my sweet neighbor, Larry, was getting a pitcher of warm water and following right behind me.

This is the part I need to confess that not only had the thought not occurred to get warm water, but in my hormone fogged brain I was actually envisioning getting out an extension cord and a blow dryer.

No really. I'm still embarrassed.

We turned the corner to our back yard and it was...empty.

We followed a trail of blood into the house to find my sweet Bug running around the house squirting blood out of her mouth while all the kids watched.

It took about two seconds to confirm that her tongue was still attached and very, very little of it had been left behind on the ladder.

At which point I collapsed into hysterical sob laughs. Because as long as everyone is okay? It's gonna be a great story to tell a suitor friend someday.

You should hear that sweet lisp, yall. I bet you my bottom dollar that you would giggle too!


Stitch Fix #4: You Decide

Loved this one. Loved it. But that stinky budget strikes again. So this time you decide.

IMG_5160.JPG Owl dress. The Owls pretty much speak for themselves amiright?


I loved the fit of the black leggings but they don't really have a place in my life. Not a huge fan of the shirt, not sure if it was just too baggy or if it's cause I felt like an Aggie in it. (Sorry Aggie friends, you know I just can't do it!)


Raindrop dress is adorable and versatile and just a touch quirky. I loved it!



The yellow sweater gets two pics because the front AND back are adorable! I was doing something weird with my hips, but this sweater was actually pretty flattering in real life.

So friends what's the vote?

Also, if you decide you've had quite enough of the mall right now and want someone to just pick out your clothes and give you staying ideas then you should use this link to sign up and help a sister out!