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Whatever is Good: 4 Day Mini-Course to Redeem Screen Time

Seems like we’ve been given two options: Stay connected to the world through our phones and while knowing that it’s reshaping our brains, our lives, and leaving us with a slightly addictive twitch. Or quit it altogether and go off the grid with superhuman self-control.

Um, I need a better option. So I went looking for one. When the Lord says seek and you will find me? He means it. Even here, in this chaotic and complicated relationship we have with our screens, He is offering and opportunity to make something new.

This isn’t a rant against screen time, but redeeming the time. This is broken made beautiful, and I’m not just talking about my iphone screen. I’m talking about leaving the time we spend on our devices feeling empowered, uplifted, and grateful for His glory and the good of the world.

So tell me…Who’s in?